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French courses

Accomodations : families, hotels or appartment, learn french in Nice

Cours de français à Nice

We offer 2 different types of apartments: standard and comfort

There are single and double rooms to choose from, all other rooms like bathroom, kitchen and balcony will be shared with fellow students. Our apartments are located throughout the city centre and are less than 20 minutes walk to the school. The standard apartments are very basic, comfort apartments include a television, living room, and sometimes a balcony.

Living with a host family is a good choice if you wish to participate in the daily French life and are interested in learning more about the local culture and food. This is a good option if you wish to practice your French outside the classroom. Families have been chosen under the utmost scrutiny and are all located within proximity of the school.

Hotels have been chosen for their proximity to the school, their rating, and cleanliness.